EB70 Surge Power & Duration

I just bought a EB70, not the EB70S as that is not available in Canada yet. Most likely have to buy an aftermarket 24V 8A power brick to replace the noisy one that has a fan later.

The website says 700W continuous 1400w surge. I want to ask if anyone know what duration can it sustain surges for at various surge power levels? I know other power packs typically have surge duration like 100-120% = 1min, 120-140% = 30s, 140-150% = 10s, 150-200% = 3s etc… Does anyone know this info for the EB70?

I found some info here…

700 to 839 watts for two minutes
840 watts to 1050 watts for 2 seconds

What about 1050 - 1400 watt? It must be <2 seconds…

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Check out Hobotech on the Tubes. He does a great assessment of the unit’s performance and functions.

That is a good review, and I totally agreed with him. My unit just arrived.

Capacity is good, I extracted 610Wh at 105W AC, 85% which is good
Adapter fan is LOUD!!! I can’t imagine what happens if that fan fails
However, there isn’t too much info on what happens on a surge. The previous info that it can only surge for 2 sec at 850-1050W isn’t great, I suppose 1050-1400W surge would be <1 sec. That’s OK, this isn’t a huge power unit, just want to see if it can run my full sized freezer for while.

The only way to find out is to try it I guess. Going downstairs to plug it in.

I tried to use this to power a full sized chest freezer tonight. It seems to work at first, with the freezer pulling about 80W. When I came back to it a couple hours later, found the EB70 shut off saying “overload”. The logging watt meter showed 69Wh of energy used (about 45 min of run time at 80W), with max power of 350W. I am surprised that a 700W unit that is supposedly capable of 1400W surge would overload with a freezer that pulls 80W normally, with the watt meter logging 350W max.

Now, the watt meter only updates 1/s, so it is possible that there is a power spike <1s in duration that exceeds 350W. Still though, I don’t know if it would exceed 700W, and likely not exceed 1400w.

What have you guys seen with using this to power a full sized chest freezer?

May Jackery 1500 ran this freezer overnight without issues, though that unit has a 1800W inverter in it. While that thing was running, I never observed power over a 700W, even on compressor start up (then again the display only updates 1/s so a shorter duration spike could have exceed that).

On my EB70 I’ve seen 756w logged on an older residential fridge/freezer that has a compressor that completely shuts off then spikes back on.

When running it pulls around 120 watts so I’m assuming the 756 is the spike but I suppose its possible there’s an even higher one that doesn’t get recorded.

The surge at 1000 to 1400 watts is a fraction of a second as are most models when you exceed the rated maximum. The EB70 inverter is actually more forgiving than most for having substantial surge capactity in excess of its rated inverter capacity.