EB70 Solar panels

Hi there,

I noticed that the EB70 can handle 200w solar input.
What will happen when there is a larger capable panel connected? WIll it just charge at 200 w max?

I am able to get my hands on this panel, (just one) But How am I able to tell if this would work? https://groothandelsolar.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/HYUNDAI-M6-SHINGLED-VG-60-SIZE_EU-and-AUS_FB-front.pdf

Hi Jelle,

The open circuit voltage of EB70 is VOC 12-28V.
You can’t use your piece of solar panel to charge the EB70, the open circuit voltage of your solar panel is 46V over 28V and will over-voltage the machine. Using the solar panel to charge the EB70 must ensure that it meets within the open circuit voltage range of the EB70. Hope this helps.

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Nothing bad will happen. Your EB70 will only accept the 8 amps regardless of the incoming amperage available.