EB70 showing "SHORT" code when powering my laptop

When I try to use my laptop powered by the EB70 it shows a “SHORT” code
the power brick for the laptop is 200w maximum, so well within the limits and the laptop is brand new and works fine when its plugged into the wall.
Any ideas, or did i just waste my money because this is why i bought this

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Some loads display a short when connected to the EB70 series. If your EB70 powers other items fine then I would say your laptop charger is not compatible with your charging brick or it has an unknown fault in it.

Is it just the EB70 series that are incompatible with laptop chargers or is it all of them. Maybe this is something the public should know?

Hi @Sean1 , Sorry for inconvenience caused.
Could you please try remove all load devices, reboot and see if the fault can be cleared and used again, and try to load other devices to see if they work properly.
If it still doesn’t work, you need to contact support team for further solutions.

Numerous post mention trying to reboot the EB70 as a potential remedy. How does one reboot the EB70?

Rebooting the machine means turning it off and then on again. :grinning:

But how do I turn off and on the EB70? I can turn off or on the AC or DC output, or disconnect the charger. I can’t “turn it off” like a computer as the battery is always connected inside. Is there a special button combination I need to “turn off” and EB70?

There is no special button. Turn off the AC,DC, wait until the screen is off, and the machine is turned off.