EB70 pass-through charging issue

I have noticed an issue with my EB70, while charging from solar panel…

I use it in my RV as power source, and the only permanent thing runs from it is my compressor coolbox, using 38w , about 50% on-off in hot days…

yesterday, it was open sky sunny summerday, and my 160w Ecoflow solar panel was bringing in an average 130w throughout the day, at least for 8 hours…

in the begining of the day the Bluetti was showing 20% , in the end of the day it hardly reached 60%

how is this possible? and what could I do to have it properly working?

thank U

Hey There!

I think there are multiple factors you might not be aware of.

So first of all, yes your coolbox does only draw 38W when it runs but i assume you running it via the AC Outlet of the EB70? The AC have a decent energy consumption, just when its on. Dont know the exact value but its not unrealistic when the AC itself consume about 20W - 30W when its just on. Beside the AC the Powerstation needs power for internal components such as BMS etc.

What i wanna say with this is, you dont consume just this 38W every few hours from you Battery. Its mutch more than that.

To save Power, you can connect your coolbox the the 12V Outlet of the EB70, which consumes lot of less power that the ac.

Hope this helped