EB70 order cancellation

Please assist with SPF-EU-20176 cancellation, as sale-eu@bluettipower.com didn’t respond during work week.
Order was paid but remain in status Unfulfilled, so I’m kindly asking you to help with order cancellation and perform a refund.
Thank you.

@Magicman When did you try emailing the support team? I would give them at least 3-5 days to respond and take care of it, as the influx and incoming orders and demand has skyrocketed lately. Rest assured they will get you taken care of tho.

Hi @m.briney and thank you for the response.
Message was sent December 12 at 11 am so I had wait for few working days before posting here.
I’m aware about increased load, just want to be sure that refund request will not be missed among other orders

@Magicman Honestly you might not hear back from them until Monday at the earliest, as it is now their “weekend” over where they are located. But keep me posted and I’ll do what I can to make sure things get taken care of for ya.

@Magicman , We have forwarded your cancellation request for you.