Eb70 or ac200p?

I am taking a 10000 mile trip and am wondering which would be better to use, the EB70 or the AC200P? I am going to be powering a Dometic CFX3 75DZ, drone, computer and small rechargeable devices. I will be driving between 5 and 10 hours a day to charge. Thank you for your assistance.

Wow, 10000 miles! Good for you.

Will you have access to AC at night to recharge (every night or every few nights?) Or are you completely dependent on the car and off-grid? If you are using only the car, then you’re limited by charging rate quite a bit. At 12V you can only charge around 450Wh-900Wh/day (about 90w for 5-10 hours after efficiency is considered). You will not be able to fill the AC200(P)'s battery. If you can charge on the grid at night, then you can charge the larger battery to full, but then you would need less battery so the smaller EB70(S) would be just fine.

Drone (1.5 flight/day) = 50Wh/charge, so say 40Wh/flight = 60Wh/day
Laptop Computer (3hr a day) = 35W = 105Wh/day
Small Devices (2 x iphone full charge) = 20Wh/day

So far, pretty limited use. Now come the big one, the fridge.
Specs says 1.43 Ah/h at 12V so about 20W average
Do you need this on 24hr a day, then 480Wh. If you are at a motel at night and only need it for say 12 hr a day then 240Wh

Motel at night (12 hr fridge use) = 240 + 20 + 105 + 60 = 425Wh
Total off-grid (24 hr fridge use) = 480 + 20 + 105 + 60 = 665Wh

If you are at a motel at night, then the EB70(S) with its 700Wh capacity is totally fine. The AC200(P) would just be extra space and weight.

If you are off-grid for more than a day, the EB70 would be tight, 700Wh sort of only have 610 usable on AC side. If you can cut back a little on power use (don’t run fridge 24/7, use laptop 1hr/day instead of 3hr/day etc…) the it would work great.

If you have access to a grid every 4-5 days and must have full power all the time, then the AC200(P) may be better. You can’t charge it up full unless you are on grid, but a full charge can carry you over many days of off-grid travel which uses a little more than you can charge using the car’s 12V.

If you are off-grid all the time and you need the fridge to be cold at all times, then even the AC200(P) will be iffy as you are limited by 500Wh-900Wh charging rate at 12V and would run low after a few days. If you must have power, you should invest in a 12-24V booster so you can charge the AC200(P) nearly 2x as fast, just make sure your car charging circuit can accept 20A. Or if you would be exploring on foot while the car is parked during the day, pack a solar panel so you can charge the AC200(P) when you are parked and on foot, extending charging time.


Wow! Thank you for the awesome write up and taking the time to do it. I will be off grid the whole time, and I added a 12v to 24 volt converter in the back of my 4runner, so that I did cover, lol. Again thank you for your assistance, time and knowledge.

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Very nice.

You know, in that case both AC200p and EB70(S) will work since you can charge both 2x as fast. And both still has enough capacity to last through the night (as long as you use DC for the fridge).

EB70 = more portable, cheaper, almost no self consumption when off. Have to charge everyday while driving.

AC200p = more power for future appliances, more battery capacity in case you can’t charge it everyday. Higher self consumption, 1% per hour. Heavier and more expensive.


Quite the impressive answer! :+1:

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That is a very nice setup for that! Nice and tidy and professional looking.

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if you ever get bored and want to do a write up on how you put your system together and the results obtained, I’m sure many people would benefit from your efforts. I have the same 20 amp 12-24 volt step up converter you show and also have a 24 to 48 and a 24 to 48 step up converters that I use with the AC200 series for fast charging on the road.

A lot of people do not understand the importance of wire size and connection type in order to get sufficient amperage to operate the converters.