EB70 offgrid issues

Hi there,

I have been writing a post months ago about the same issue, but didnt get useful info, so I thought I would try again, maybe someone figured out a useful solution since then

so, basicly, a year ago I purchased an EB70 , in order to support my campervan offgrid abilities…

and with flaws it works ok, but there is a big issue I have came upon again, and would love to know if there is a solution

so, basicly, when the EB70 drains completely for any reason, after that, it would not charge again from either solar panels, either from the car DC adapter… the current comes in, supplies the devices (like fridge) with power, and displayed on the Bluetti’s screen(100w input with the dc) , but even trying to charge for 3 hours from dc, when I plug out, the battery meter still shows 0% , and the small red battery symbol is present on the screen… the only way to bring it back to life, is to plug the 230v charger and charge at least 1,5 hours , then at once the battery meter shows 2 bars(40%) , and from then on I can charge with solar/dc too

This is very un-ideal, as offgrid means no 230v around, so I really need a solution to be able to “restart” the battery after full drainage without the presence of electric plug

any ideas please?!

thank U so much

Hey There!

the only simple and cheap fix that comes into my mind is to buy a smartplug which shuts off if a specific amount of energy is taken from the EB70. In this case its kinda guranteet that the EB70 isnt unloaded to its dead end.

Most of the smartplugs can count how much energy does flow through the plug. You also know how much Wh the EB70 have.

Shelly Plugs are really popular, but they need a wifi connection with their Cloud. There are many other Plugs that also works offline without cloud. Cant say a specific plug that perfectly fit to you, but i would look in this kinda direction to solve your problem.

Hope this was atleast a bit helpful

thank U so much for taking your time to response

it cannot be a solution, as in the van, the bluetti is constantly connected to the solar , or the 12v charger… otherwise it wouldnt last 2 days with the fridge… so only the output cannot be a measure

thanks anyways

@NorbiPanMusic Actually, we do not recommend over-discharging the battery, it will affect the battery life.

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I understand.

So the real problem here is that there is always in active input. I can imagine that the BMS of the unit may get confused and discharge the battery more than it should.

As far im aware, the bluettis dont montitor the self powerconsumption.

For example:

Solarpower: 50W
Fridge: 40W
Self consumption: 30W

If you just see the power income and the output you should have 10W more than you need. If you add the internal consumption the battery discharge with 20W. So the Powerstation slighty discharges even when the fridge consumes less than solar income.

This continues to a point where the battery is totally empty and can be only charged by a constant voltage (AC Plug) to recover to a normal Level.