EB70 not receiving solar charge

I have a HardKorr 150W solar blanket with anderson plug connection and an MTTP controller with anderson plug and am trying to charge Bluetti EB70 power stn with an MC4 connector. I purchased the HardKorr 3mtr MC4 to Anderson adaptor cable but the Bluetti is not receiving charge? Do you know of a reason why this would not work? The MTTP controller shows there is current running through. It is set to a Life-PO4 battery on the MTTP controller and I have checked I am not exceeding max of 200W 12-28V for solar input.

Hi @MargotG

The EB70 have a own built in MPPT Controller. Did you try to charge it directly?


Yes I tried it with and without and same problem. No sign of any input on EB70. It was at a full discharge - will this make a difference?


  1. Please use a multimeter to test the voltage of the solar panel to check whether the solar panel is working properly.
  2. Please check whether the polarity is reversed.
  3. Please change the solar charging cable to test.

Hi, just an update as I have no means of checking polarity at this point or having an alternate solar charging cable. I have just tried plugging this into my car both with the 12V (which works fine) and the 24V which does not work fine. When using the power cable for 24V in the car it powers up the power adaptor when I plug into car but the moment I plug the other end into the Bluetti the power cuts and no input. This same power adaptor works fine within the house. I have never had a problem with the 24V in the car as I use it all the time for my portable fridge. This is a pretty new Prado Landcruiser so I am not suspecting the problem there.

Sorry I am really new at this. HardKorr got back to me and advised I needed to reverse the cables(polarity) on this adaptor as it was designed for fixed solar panels only. I have done that and the Bluetti is now charging nicely via my solar. I can only assume I will not be able to charge the battery in my car via the 24V plug (would that be right). I have checked the manual and it advised that it is only rated for a 100W load and I assume the Bluetti is drawing 200W (hence the Prado cutting the power) - would that be correct?

@MargotG EB70 don’t have 24V output port.