EB70 not holding charge

Hello. New to Bluetti.
Purchased the EB70 about a month ago. It doesn’t hold a charge. I have charged 4 times now. After a week with no use, the charge will be down to about 50%.
Not sure if I’m doing something wrong.
Can anyone here advise?
Thank you.

Are all the power buttons off? It will rundown if any are left on. Sometimes its hard to tell on the EB70 because of the weak lights.

As far as I can tell, yes, they’re off.

Maybe try a couple things before contacting Bluetti.

  1. A long shot but might be worth a try, discharge it to 0% then fully recharge to 100%, that supposedly recalibrates the BMS (battery management system).
  2. Try setting it to eco mode which shuts the unit down automatically after a period of non-use. It shouldn’t need to be in eco mode though if all the power buttons are off.

I’ll do that now.
Be back in a few days with results. Thank you.

Hi eric,
So, a bit over a week has gone by.
Before I followed your advise, I waited for a response from Bluetti. I was so disappointed. Obvious comm barrier. I was not able to communicate effectively…at all.So I moved on with your advise.
I discharged completely, charged fully, and so far, unit is still at 100%.
I saw what you were saying about the switch light being very dim. Possibly I did leave a switch on.
I did not find an eco mode on my unit.
Thank you.

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The little instruction book tells you how to turn eco mode on! ( hold down AC andDC power switches at the same time)

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