EB70 : no reaction from AC / DC no Lamp buttons - Unit dead

Hi there - could anyone please help. I have a Bluetti EB70. everything been normal unto now. After last use I put onto charge - The unit charged normally upto 100% all normal. Now want to use the unit again and can’t turn the AC nor DC nor lamp on. Its dead. Get no reaction from the unit. If I plug the charge brick back in and the unit all lights up shows charging and then then it indicates 100% but even with the charging brick plugged in and the display on - I get no reaction from any of the three buttons. Any ideas - please help

@CarloB It is suspected that the mainboard was broken, please contact after-sale support for repair or replace.

Welcome to the forum @CarloB ! Sorry to hear about your issue with the eb70, go to this webpage and fill out the self-report form to create a ticket… I would just copy and paste everything you said here pertaining to the issue, and if it at all possible, take a quick little video clip showing whats going on. (This helps gives them a visual)