EB70 max input watts & extra panels

I have been using Bluetti EB70 since last summer in my van charged by one renogy flexi panel (175w, 9A).
I wonder if it’s possible to add extra same panel? The manual for EB70 says the max input power is 200W. Would 2x175w panels connected in parallel be too much for EB70?
I have seen some short clips of people joining few panels in parallel charging EB70 without any issues.
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@adek81 If you want to add additional solar panels, it is recommended to connect them in series.
As long as the open circuit voltage does not add up to more than the EB70’s rated maximum of 28V when connected in series, it will be fine :smiley:

You can add an additional like panel but it must be connected in Parallel (contradicting the reply from Bluetti above. If connected in series as stated, you will exceed the voltage limit and no charging will occur). You will receive no more than 165 watts of input due to the amperage input limit though.