EB70 low-voltage warning, and no charge

Hi, I charged my EB70 to 100% using the PV200 but within two minutes the low voltage warning started flashing and battery was at 0%. It won’t charge and I’ve tried draining the battery fully, but it keeps turning itself off when the low voltage warning starts flashing. Any ideas or help please? I’ve not had this happen before.

@bluetti_coxwhegmailcom Did you load device when you fully charged it? What is power of the device?

I plugged in the correct charging brick for my new mystery box 300w/300wh to the AC socket to charge it. Now neither device is working

@bluetti_coxwhegmailcom I’m sorry I still can’t make it clear.

  1. Does the mystery box 300w/300wh refer to AC30?
  2. That it mean that you use the AC charging brick of AC30 to charge EB70?
  3. EB70 can’t be recharged now, right? Have you charged it via car to test?