EB70 Low Battery Alert

Using the EB70 last night the Low Battery Alert came on with the 0-20% battery bar showing. I stopped using it and the following morning noticed the 20% bar had gone out leaving just the low battery alert on.

Can anyone tell me at what percentage the low battery alert comes on?
After coming on does the battery somehow continue to discharge slightly to explain why the 20% bar disappeared over night?

Your SOC (state of charge) is likely off, it should be recalibrated. Use the charging brick to charge it back to 100%, make sure to not have any ac or dc power output on. Then use something that draws a steady discharge rate and drain it back down to 0%. Then repeat step one. The BMS in your eb70 should be properly calibrated after.


You most likely left the unit on overnight. The bars estimate capacity in increments of 20%. If you were at 20% SOC (just an example) and you went down 1% the bar would be out because you had less than 20% remaining. If your unit was not turned completely off it will still draw some power even though no load is being powered.

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Thanks for the reply. Both AC and DC were off. It was the 0-20% bar that was on when I finished using the unit and off the following morning. I suppose it was possible the SOC was 1% or teetering on the edge of 0% in the evening and just lost a bit overnight. Still can’t figure out at what SOC the low battery warning comes on but must be somewhere below 20%. Its a pity the EB70 doesn’t show a more accurate SOC than 20% bars where the actual SOC could be anywhere between x and x+20 as the best practice for long battery life seems to be to not discharge lower the around 20%

@veloman Yes. I am sorry EB70 doesn’t show a more accurate SOC. We suggest that you should charge it when the soc is below 20%.

Thanks, does that mean the low battery warning is set to display at or just below 20% SOC? Unless I keep “waking up” the display whilst the EB70 is in use it’s difficult to know when the warning comes on. It would be good if the low battery warning displayed irrespective of the display being on.

@veloman There will be a low battery sign around 15%. My suggestion is to start charging when there is only one bar left.

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Thanks for the advice Bluetti care. The way I use my EB70 is that on the occasion my small solar array is producing excess electricity that would normally be exported to grid I try to use this excess to recharge my EB70. This usually means I recharging the EB70 before it gets to “one bar”. Today whilst using the EB70 on a 800 watt load the low battery warning came on whilst the display still showed two bars which I assume means something between 20 - 40% capacity. It then stopped supplying AC although the DC side still continued to work. Has not fully discharging it confused the device?