EB70 Jackery solar panel?

Hey guys, I’m looking to buy my first solar panel for my EB70. I see Amazon is having some Cyber Monday deals. How well would the jackery 100 watt panel do to charge my EB70? I’m looking to start somewhere and I’m not sure where. Is 100 watt a good place to start or should I just buy a 200 watt panel and be done with it? I’ll be moving to Arizona in a couple months so getting plenty of sun shouldn’t be an issue. I’m looking mainly for camping and emergency backup. Thanks

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Yes, the Jackery 100W panel would absolutely work just fine. The EB70/EB70S accepts 12-28V input at up to 8A. The Jackery panel would fall right in that range. Though it would likely only give you 85W on a very good day as the 100W rating requires perfect conditions that are hard to come by. I personally find the Jackery 100W panel being quite expensive for what it is, but it would work.

You can get a 200W panel, but note that due to the input limits (28V max and 8A max) of the EB70/EB70S it is nearly impossible to get 200W even in perfect condition with the perfect panel. A likely max is around 150-160W. If you are shopping for a 200W panel, find one with the highest Voc at or below 27V.

You can also connect multiple panels in parallel, but any input over 8A will be ignored. For the EB70/70S, a typical max would be around 150W, no matter how many panel you connect.

Okay thanks for the info. So is there a panel that you would recommend for the EB70? Something I can just buy nice and easy and would get me what I’m looking for? What about the SP 200?

I would recommend the Bluetti PV200. Keep in mind though that no matter what panel(s) you get you will see a maximum of 160 tp 165 watts charging rate in the best of circumstances.

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