EB70 Input and Output Connector Types

New expectant owner. Searched the community and the Bluetti website first.

I understand the EB70 input is a 8mm barrel, but is there any model numbers for this plug as the center pin length and diameter can vary with 8mm plugs.

I have found elsewhere that the two DC Outputs that also use a barrel connector are “sometimes” referred to as DC5521 connectors. Can someone confirm or provide a link to what they bought and found to work?

Many Thanks!

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Welcome to the forum @SierraVanCampers !!

I use this plug to connect into my eb70. Puts a little less strain on the input and allows me to clean up my setup a bit. @Scott-Benson showed me these as he’s basically the “bluetti badass” and they have been working like a dream!

I’m not sure the exact dimensions per say but I do know I haven’t ran into any issues with using standard DC7909 plugs on that input. Beyond those right-angle adapters, I’ve used a couple other different 8mm power adapters with no issues.

The 2xDC barrels are DC5521 outlet plugs and seam to accept most as well. Here’s a pic from their website…

I know what you mean tho John, on how some manufacturers/brands use funky sized ports that are just a little “wonky” (in my case, have had issues with jackery units) but it seams that @BLUETTI has kept it simple in this regard with their barrel plugs. :metal:

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Thank you very much Mike. This will help a great deal. I will get some ordered.


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