EB70 fast discharge

I bought Bluetti EB70 about two weeks ago and I am not quite sure it works as it should. I tested it by charging my router and modem. Those 2 appliances take max up to 12 watts and EB70 was drained from 100% to 0% in about 10hrs. I think it should last way longer.
The second issue is that it recharges from the wall outlet from 0 to 100% in 2hrs or even less (it shows around 190W input). It is said in the instructions that this process should take up to 4 hrs. Is it ok that it takes half of that time? Thank you!

@DenysPavlenko Welcome to the forum!!

Heres a photo that one of our members Jeff Hagen did up showing the discharge efficiency of the eb70s at different loads…

I would recommend doing a complete cycle or 2 to re-calibrate the internal bms. Watch this video as it explains the importance & the need to do so when you first get a new “so-gen”.

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much for the quick respond. According to the graphic it should’ve been drained after at least 22hrs, not 10. Also, I guess it is a good thing to buy a “usb to dc” adapter so I can charge the router and modem by DC output.
I will try to recalibrate it, I hope it would help. Actually I’ve already tried but I did it wrong, I should’ve waited until it turns off automatically.

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@DenysPavlenko yea it needs that complete cycle to configure things internally. And I always recommend running appliances DC if possible. Most of the time, this will give you better efficiency numbers.

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It seems I have same issue with my new eb70. I forgot to plug out a shoe dryer, which takes up to 8 watts, and it drained my battery from 100% to ~40% in 10 hours, I supposed eb70 to last much longer with such a low-power appliances.
Have you tried calibration already?

Yep, I did it yesterday so can’t tell the actually result yet, but what I can tell now that it definitely started charging longer (it took about 3.5hrs). Also, when I was discharging it I plugged in a 40w bulb when there was about 20% charge left and it took me almost 12hrs to drain it. So the result is pretty much close to that graphic (40w = 14h 5m). I guess the problem was in the calibration.

Also, I ordered dc to dc cables to use DC outputs for my modem and router, and usb bulbs to have lights during the blackouts. So the goal is to move everything possible to DC outputs

Longer charging time is definitely a good sign, I hope it fixed your problem.
Blackouts here in Kyiv are currently a little bit chaotic, no time schedule by now, so I am a little bit hesitate to discharge my eb70 completely, as I am not sure if they’ll provide electricity long enough so I can charge the battery fully during one cycle without blackout interrupting the process (if I understood from the vid mentioned above, it’s quite important for the correct calibration).
But need to try it anyway, thx for you info, stay safe!

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I had the same hesitation, but here, in Ivano-Frankivsk we have more stable graphics.
What I did is discharged it fully (died almost at night), so I just plugged it in and left for the night. I know it was risky but I knew we would have 3hrs of stable electricity during that night. So it was charging that 3 hrs, the bar was at 80% and the other 20% it got in the morning.
But it did the trick, I haven’t drained it fully yet but it definitely shows more precise calculations. After almost 7hrs of usage AC output (around 10-12W) it still shows 80% which never happened before so you definitely should do it as soon as you have more stable graphic.
Stay safe!

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So I completed calibration yesterday too, I was using two laptops in a stress test with total powerdraw of 250-270W (DC output). It took around 2 hours 10 min to discharge my eb70, which pretty much matches info in a table in a second post. Interesting to mention, that indicator of battery dropped to zero in an 1 hour 30 min of the test, and then it lasted for another 40 minutes before being discharged completely. It took me solid 4 hours 10 minutes to charge it to 100%, so the capacity of batteries seems to be completely normal, it’s just indicator of battery that is a little bit messed up here :smiley: But now I am kinda releived, will see if the indicator got more precise though.
Thx for the topic again, it was nice to find a solution literally in a matter of a couple of minutes in google :slight_smile:


I am glad that you managed it! I guess Bluetti should have included it to the instructions, it would save a lot of time :slight_smile:

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Hello, I have the same issue. My bars are going down fast, but then eb70 lasts for hours showing that bettery is fully discharged. When station was fully discharged (stop charging any divice) I’ve put it to charge to 100% and it took 2 hours. What I have to do to fix this?