EB70 fan on/off logic

While I am at home, I am using the EB70 as a “UPS” to power my home networking gear. Modem, router, switch and a few smartphone hubs. They all plug into the AC outlets and USB of the EB70 (some through a power strip) and the EB70 is charger by a fanless 24V 8A adapter that I got.

All my device consumes about 60w and the AC is feeding in about 80W. Not sure why the delta, perhaps my battery is not 100% full. The room is about 24C, so normal temp.

I noticed that the EB70 fan is always running. I am wondering whether it will ever turn off, I didn’t think it is working that hard outputting 60W in total. Another question is whether it is OK for that fan to run 24/7.

Anyone using their EB70 as low power but high capacity UPS?

The fan is running because it is programmed to run while the AC charging circuit it powered on. The reason it takes 80 W to output 70 Watts is that the conversion process from DC to AC and the stepped up voltage consumes wattage. In a true UPS, the electrical input would be outputted directly to your devices consuming power and then when the electrical input was removed, the battery power would take over. In this case you are charging the battery and the battery is utized full time to generatre the AC out put.

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Yep. I am running my devices off the battery and charging the battery, full time 24/7. The devices are fully isolated from the grid. I wonder if it is bad for the EB70 to run this way, effecting staying at 100% SOC and providing about 60W of power non stop.