EB70 dead after 26 months

Really disapointed that just as the warranty period has ran out, the battery will die 48hrs after charge. I’ve looked after it so well too - running an EV I know about charging to 90 and getting to 20 and I’ve only charged it probably about 50 times, definately less than 100.

Just expected more when I paid for a supposed quality brand.

Hi @HughesyMK

What exactly does this sentence mean? Do you mean its empty when you leave it two days on? Because i would say thats pretty normal when any output is on.

Tell us about it!


@HughesyMK Do you refer to SOC of EB70? Did you do a full cycle of charge and discharge?

@BLUETTI_CARE I think he mean, that he know how to use batterys. He use his Electric Vehicle battery only in a range from 20 to 90% SoC. This sentence doesnt have anything to do with the EB70

@Selfmadestrom OK. Thank you.

This means that I can fully charge the battery to 100% and then, two days later, it’s lost all of it’s charge with nothing connected to the point where there is literally no output available whatsoever.
The usage of 90 to 20 as noted by @Selfmadestrom is correct in that I know how to manage a battery and have looked after this one as best as possible.

Hi again,

What i wanna say with that is, that the self consumption of a unit a relativly high when you leave it really on, no standby etc.

There is a similar thread on german here:

He wanna use his EB70 as energy source for his garage door and also leave it on. Like you described, the unit was empty after two days.

So yes, i would say its normal behavior.

Sorry, but how can it be normal behaviour for a battery to run flat with no output after two days? If you go to your car after two days and the battery is flat it’s a dud battery (and that WILL have some kind of draw).
A battery is supposed to store energy, not discharge without demand.

Hi @HughesyMK
There is a huge differents between a powerstation and a 12V Battery for a car. The 12V car battery dont have much electronics to run. Maybe some kind of standby mode to wake up when the car is being opened. Beside that, a car will also be empty when not drivin or charge by external charger.

Like the post i linked, there was the ac output on but without any load. Just run the AC inverter takes energy, without doing anything. The BMS also takes energy, a lot more when the unit is actual on than “off” or better say in standby.

Thats not exclusive to the EB70, its for all powerstation. Some will last longer because of more capacity.

You say it takes about 2 days until its empty. Taking the ~700Wh capacity of the EB70 and we get about 14,5W consumption when just being on. That values are also metioned in other forums.

So yes, its normal behavior.


Did you turn the EB70 „completely“ off while not using? By holding the button for like 3 secs?
That’s what I do and the capacity is still the same percentage after weeks…

Not for three seconds, but I did ensure that every little green LED was off, something I think Erik is completely missing. I should point out, if it wasn’t obvious already, that I have been using this for two years - I know what it can (and can’t) do.

Hi @HughesyMK

Thanks for your addition. Yes, I assume you have one of the outputs on, but not active in use. In this case, there is a high self consumption.

If all outputs are off, so no green lights are showing, it should last longer than two days. You are absolutely right! Sorry for that, understanding this point wrong.

Like @Trips mentioned, you can try to hold the button to turn off the output for about three seconds. The display should turn off imminently.

Normally, the unit should last weeks even when you short turn press the on/off switch, until the light is off.

Do you check, if the output is really off, when the light is off?

Maybe the power switch is broken and it never gets into sleep mode.


Leave your car ignition switch on for two days and then come back to see what you get. There is a reason you turn a car off off other than to keep it from being stolen