EB70 charge with 2xPV200 how to connect

Hi i would connect my EB70 with 2xPV200 pannels. The reason is that at a day without enough sun the input with one panel is only 60 or 80 w.

Is it now possible to connect 2 pannels to the EB70 without destroy the EB70.
And if yes how i have to connect ? Paralel or Series? Variant 1 or Variant 2 ?

Thanks for help.

Hi @Adam , EB70’s solar input VOC range is 12-28V, while a PV200’s VOC is as high as 26V. Two PV200 cannot be connected in series (VOC will reach 52V after series connection, which may burn out the machine), so they can only be connected in parallel.

After parallel connection, the voltage remains the same, the current increases, and the power increases.


@Adam What @BLUETTI touched base on. DO NOT wire those panels in series for the eb70/eb70s model! You will fry out the internal mppt controller. Make sure you pick up some of the parallel connector cables for this set up. And you will absolutely love this setup! I live in Michigan so we also have less then ideal sun conditions most of the time and this is exactly what I do too. Holler if you have an questions!!

Heres a link to some cheap parallel connectors…

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@m.briney, @BLUETTI Thank you verry much for the information and the fast support i will forward with Variant 1!!

@BLUETTI if i now connect with an Y Adapter 2 of the PA200 can i destroy the EB70 if the Sun will comes out and shine or is the EP70 able to regulate or can you support again @m.briney ?

Best Regards Adam

@Adam by wiring the 2 Pv200 panels in parallel, you will not harm the eb70 unit. The units built in mppt Solar charge controller will regulate the incoming power. And ideally you want full sun for optimal results… but that’s why we wire up 2 panels like this in parallel for when the conditions aren’t the best, like having cloud/shade coverage. You can keep them wired up in parallel whether it’s sunny or cloudy, and you’ll be fine.

Hope this helps!


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