EB70 and solar charging with JASolar panel

I have a Bluetti EB-70 and am very satisfied with it. I also have a PV module left from JASolar (JAM60S10-345, Vmp 34.99V, Imp 9.64A) that I would like to use to charge the EB-70. Since it can’t be connected directly, I plan to put a DC-DC converter in between. This would be for example a Victron Orion-TR 24/24-12 with 24,2 V output voltage. (nom output 24,2, range 20-30V, cont. output 12A).
Would this be possible, to connect the EB70 to the DC-DC converter with the solar charging cable? Or alternatively would it be possible, to charge from a dc-dc charger with car-charging adapter and the car charging cable the EB70?
a small sketch:

PV		        	DC-DC Charger			   EB70	
—----		    	——————————			       ———					
JAM60S10-345		Orion TR 24/24-12
Vmp 34,99V	—-----> input 16-35V
Imp 9,64A		     output 24,2V   —————>		solar charging cable

			        Orion TR 24/12-20
JAM60S10-345 ----->	input 16-35V
			          output 12,2 V  —————>    	car charging cable


I don’t know the full specs of your DCDC but I don’t think it would work well unless the PV is getting max power. The EB70 is going to see a fixed 24V voltage source and the MPPT is going to try to sweep the current, ramping up to 8A. If there is enough PV u to the DCDC to support 24V 8A output, then everything is good. If there isn’t, I don’t know what will happen. Will DCDC output voltage drop as current increases? Also the DCDC isn’t an MPPT so it won’t operate the panel effectively.

I have a similar issue with 38V 340W panels, just cannot use them on EB series that only accepts panels up to 28V.

You can try the first idea, and the EB70 will pull only 8 A at 24 V, which is only 192 W.

Thank you! I think then I will try the first option. The main reason was, not to damage the eb70 with to much power. If there is only a slower charging, thats not so bad.
Stay safe!

Short update: after a talk with my dealer, now I have choosen a victron mppt smartsolar100/20 and load the eb70 with the solar/cigarette cable. He said, this is the most effectiv way and he wouldn’t recommend a dc-dc, so as snowstorm said. Additional one could add a second panel, also change the output of 12v/24v when there is enough sun. There would be several ways to test the configuration. Now its time to observe it…

old thread but I’m really interested if this worked or not?

I’m also trying to connect larger panels and an mppt to charge my EB70 . . .