Eb70 and solar charging issue

Hi, This is my first post but have already learned quite a bit through reading this forum. I have bought an EB70 mainly to use when camping and charging it via solar. I have connected my existing solar panels 120W to the bluetti but I am not getting any input charge. I have an anderson plug on the panels (no regulator) going to an extension with an anderson plug on the end of it, then a Anderson to MC4 connector which is plugged into the Bluetti input cable. I have checked the input voltage and amps at the Bluetti - 20V approx and around 4 amps. when checking the input voltage i noticed the polarity of the input connector (7909) is reversed compared to when charging via the AC adaptor. I didnt want to fiddle with the polarity as there was no other way of connecting the cables - I have checked that the extension cable and the anderson to mc4 connector are wired correctly and they seem to be. Any thoughts.

Ok - just adding to this. It was the polarity - it is now charging so something was wrong with the mc4 connectors. Bluetti input cable seemed correct according to their manual so the MC4 connectors on my shop bought anderson to MC4 adaptor must have been around the wrong way. I fixed it by turning the anderson plug around, but when I get time I will change the MC4 connectors, just in case someone uses my adaptor. Thanks anyway.

Good to hear you got it sorted out. Polarity is critical and it should always be checked prior to plugging any panels in.

Thanks Scott-Benson. It took me a while but a lesson learned.

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Looking through these forums has really helped me. I had all the same issues with the solar charging as a lot of other posters. Thanks to you all I can now use my solar panel to charge my Bluetti EB70.