EB70 24/7 operation

I just bought my EB70, can I use it 24/7 with a locally available solar panel 200w? I’ll be using it on my farm for 3 webcams and Wi-Fi modem. Thank you to anyone who can respond to my question.

@Boy_Julito I am very sorry, the EB70 does not support UPS function and should not be able to run 24/7 as you described.
Connecting the solar panel will activate the machine instantly once there is PV input. But PV is not a stable input source.

  • Keep it out of rain and direct sunlight
  • add more panels than you think is needed to get a full charge before nightfall. If the battery drain to 0% and the AC output shuts off, you have to manually turn AC on, it will not turn back on when it recharges as the suns come up.

3 webcam and wifi modem would be around 30W, so it would likely be ok overnight. You may want to put 2x200W panel in parallel to make sure you have enough power even on those cloudy days, as this unit will require manual turn on if it runs out.