EB70 12v max amps total?

The specs say the EB70 will do:
2xDC (12V, 10A); 1xDC car outlet (12V, 10A)

My question is can it handle this draw (or some of it) simultaneously, or is the 10amp number the max TOTAL it will do? I have something that draws 11.5-11 amps on startup for a few minutes, then ~2amp draw after that… I usually run this from the “car” 12v outlet (cigarette lighter). Sometimes the Bluetti will handle the load, sometimes it won’t (usually when it’s cold).

I had a thought to make up a parallel power cable that would plug into the car outlet AND into one of the 12v DC outlets, splitting the power draw between the two and hopefully cover the startup surge (running, the device is 3 or so amps).

Will it work?

The outputs of pretty well all Bluetti Power Stations are combined maximums. i.e. the voltage is 12V nominal as this varies slightly depending on state of charge and load. The 10A is a maximum the unit can deliver, for instance if you had 2 cig socket outlets it is 10A shared between the 2.
Example connecting a 5A load to one socket and another 5A load to the other = 10A total, not 10A each.
With regard to supplying your load from 2 sources, I’ll leave that for those more qualified. In saying that, I have an auxiliary battery in my 4x4 and run a 375W inverter to charge my AC180 on silent mode. It draws 23A, which is way to heavy for a cig plug and socket. I’ve replace all of my cig plugs with Anderson 50A plugs for 2 reasons; One being the heavier load capacity and the other is when off roading cig plugs can tend to vibrate loose, Anderson doesn’t. More…

Another option you might consider; Use a 15-20A power supply, plug it into the AC outlet of the EB70. The power supply will then transform/rectify the AC output to 12V at 15-20A. Once your device settles, the power supply will drop down to 3A. This will equate to 36W plus some for efficiency loss. I realise this is double handling as you are converting EB70 battery to AC and then back to 12VDC, but it is the safest way to get a higher DC load from a power station. :)

10 amps is the maximum combined draw.

Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind as a backup. I may keep the splitter idea and instead of trying to use two EB70 outlets, I’ll just add a small 12v battery that I can switch on in parallel during startup, then turn that off once it’s going.

Thanks. I love my EB70 but it’s a real bummer they cheaped out on the input/output amps.