EB70 1000w microwave

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible with the EB70 1000w station to power a microwave 800w ? thank you

A microwaves rating is usually based on its cooking power while the power to operate it is higher. Your 800 watt microwave propably consumes more power than 800 watts and without knowing that usage spec, answering the question would be a guess at bess. My guess is no.


here is the microwave i have

ha I just saw that the microwave input power is 1250/1350w

There you go. You would need the AC200 P or Max to operate that successfully

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Most microwave can be operated at less than full power. If you set your microwave oven to run at say 50% power, I am very sure it will work. It will just take 2x as long to heat your food.

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Hi @Rikikamme,

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Thank you for asking. We don’t suggest to use the EB700 100W to power your microwave. Because the surge power or the setup power would exceed the power of the EB70. As the Scott said, AC200P is a good choice.

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