EB55 Wrong MC4 to XT60

Hey everyone,

why are theese connectors that wrong placed?

I mean the red cable is labeld as “PV+” (Which is right) but has a female (negative) MC4 Connector. Same for minus with a Male Connector.

Every other Powerstation and Solarpanel i have, have it the right way. Even the PowerOak ones.
Do i need to buy a new cable or can i just change the male and female MC4 connectors?


each of the two wires of a PV cable (MC4) connection will have what appears to be a positive and a negative connector. The outgoing wire from the panel has to have one gender of the incoming wire to the solar generator input cable has to have the opposite gender in order to mate together. This means that each wire will contain a “male” and a “female” MC4 connector depending on which side of the wire (outgoing or incoming) the connector is attached to.

So…nothing is wrong, just snap the connectors that fit together with each other. The wire color and the measured electrical polarity is the only thing that matters. There are varieties of MC4 connector shells with some being marked with a + or a - which do not reflect the actual polarity of the wire since the same wire will have both a + or a - depending on which side of the connection it is crimped onto.

Can anything be damaged when i plug two + or two - together?

Or does it simply not charge?

Thats how you connect the panels in series… heres a visual… Hope this helps!

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Thats what i need to understand why im wrong. Thanks!

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@Selfmadestrom.de i definitely recommend getting a multimeter and double checking your voltage numbers before plugging into any so-gen as well… you can “over-panel” these units by running them in parallel, but if you try putting too much voltage (by running in series) you can fry the internal mppt charge controller.

Don’t exceed the voltage numbers that are displayed right above the inputs. :metal:

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