EB55 Will Not Charge After TEMP Error

Hi, I have a new EB55. I used it to power several DC outputs on a telescope last night. I used it more as a power manager for several DC devices, so the EB55 was plugged into AC the full time. The temperature dropped and this morning it had fully discharged even though it was plugged into the AC. It now shows a red not charging error and a red TEMP. I suspect at some temperature it will not charge and that led to the full discharge of the battery. I am not sure why it will not recharge now that it is warm. Thanks for any advice you may have.

Most li ion battery cannot be charged when it is below 0C, as it will permanently damage the battery. Most devices, including the EB55 should have a low temp sensor to stop charging when it gets too cold.

How cold was it?
How long did you let it warm up for? It may take hours for the inside to warm up.
After it is warm, there may be a way to reset it.

If you have not done this yet, then disconnect from the charger and turn the unit completely off. Then cycle the power back on and connect to the charger again and see if that works to charge.

Cycling the EB55 off and back on worked. It began charging normally. I never knew that charging below 0C would damage a lithium battery. That is very good to know. It will make it difficult to use the EB55 for my purpose. Thanks to both of you for the explanation and the suggestion.

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One clarification if anyone else has this problem. What allowed it to recharge normally was to cycle the power on and off while not connected to the charger and then connecting it to the charger. I had tried resetting it without success with the charger connected.


The BMS would not allow it to be charged when it is too cold. It is unlikely that you’ll damage the battery as the BMS will stop it, but it just may not charge. It can discharge at reduced capacity even when well below 0C


If you plan to use a power station under cold conditions, Bluetti has a new product that uses Sodium instead of Lithium and it will operate at freezing temperatures.