EB55 stuck on 20% and dose not charge


My new EB55 (one week purchased) is stuck on 20% and does not charge.

On the screen, I see the “ECO” mode symbol, battery symbol (with 20% indicator), 000 on input and 000 on output, and 50Hz icon steel present. (why? AC button is turned off).

Any ideas on how to “reset” it?

Hi @Gunjubas , Which charging method are you referring to that won’t charge? Is it solar charging or an adapter?
Has any other charging method been used?

After a whole day, the screen is still active and does not turn off. All buttons dose not flash and didn’t react. I tried to charge it with an adapter and, after that, with a car charger cable(to check the ability to charging), but nothing changed. The screen is still lit and does not respond to any action.
The battery level is 20%, as it was yesterday.

@BLUETTI On Dec, 08 I wrote email to sale-eu@bluettipower.com but still do not receive any reply.
I ask for adress of services in Ukraine or “30-day money back” (because I bought this less than 30 days ago.

@BLUETTI unfortunately I still waiting for answer.

What is your order number, please? I’ll have support handle it as soon as possible.