EB55 sometimes turns off

My EB55 turned off this morning. This has happened before. It is not in ECO mode. No power from a 110 volt outlet and the green light goes off on the switch. It often takes several presses to get the green light back on.

This is lightly loaded with an electric fence charger, 2 wireless access points and a PTZ camera. The output value is often zero but sometimes shows 10 or less watts.

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@DaleF Does the EB55 currently work properly?
Does the display show any error reports?

No, it turns off in minutes. I just plugged in an electric outlet tester and then a small fan, drawing 22 watts. As soon as I plug in that fan, the tester light starts blinking, i.e. not steady power, and then the outlets turn off in a few seconds.

There are no errors on the display. But maybe I missed a way to change the display? It just shows input and output watts and the battery level in 20% increments.

@DaleF EB55’s AC key + two DC keys, long press on all three keys at the same time to see the error code.
Can you check if there are any errors while carrying the device?

Did you mean “charging the device”. With no cables attached, it shows U170 on the top line and E000 on the second. I will try again while charging. It will not charge from AC input now. I am trying an auto connection but it only shows 1 watt input.

I tried another outlet for AC and got it charging now with over 170 watts. The same screen shows up when pressing those keys.

I got it to charge with 90 watts in using the A/C power supply. It used to charge at around 200 watts.

The A/C outlets continue to fail after a few minutes. I got around this by putting an car inverter on the DC port.

@DaleF What country are you in? Please try to switch the frequency