Eb55 small capacity

Hi. I tested my charging station Eb55, when charging the laptop through ac output, consumption ranged from 65-70, while consumption it worked only 6 hours 20 minutes, and according to calculations it gives less capacity than it should, is this normal? can someone tell me the answer?

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That sounds about right for the eb55. btw… I absolutely love that unit! Very dependable and efficient unit for day trips and running lighter loads like what you are using.

From what you said you were running a 65w load for 6h20mins… 65w X 6.33 = 411.35wh. And 411.45wh / 537wh (capacity of eb55) = 76.6% efficiency which is pretty similar to some of the results i’ve seen from the EB55…

As you can see from the graph, your results might be a little lower then what it shown but there could be many attributes to that. What I would do first, is pick up a killawatt power meter like this one… https://a.co/d/0K9ezsU and then try your discharge test running thru the killawatt again after fully “cycling” the battery.

That “cycling” can be done by charging the unit using the AC power brick charger with no loads attached & outputs all turned off, until the light on the charger turns color and stops flashing an input charge. Then unplug charging source, then use a constant draw load via AC until the unit shuts off the output and turns off. Then unplug the load/output and charge it back up like noted before. This whole 100% - 0% - 100% should calibrate the internal bms and battery and help your results. I tend to do this process every 3 months or so on my units to keep them in tip-top shape.

**Note – do not let your unit sit at a 0% SOC for an extended amount of time or you might damage the cells and possibly the unit.

Thank you for your answer. if I do a kilowatt power meter test and the results are the same, does that mean I’m a little unlucky or is it within the normal range?

@Oleksandr1 Theres alot of different variables that could contribute to results being different then what that graph shows. But I would say that as long as your getting >75% at that 65w constant AC draw, you have nothing to worry about. But I would bet that after you do a full cycle or 2 on your unit… you will find that your efficiency numbers will only increase and get better/closer to that >80% number. :slight_smile:


okey, thank you for your help