EB55 not charging

Hey guys I just got my EB55 and after draining it down completely, it turns on when I plug in the solar panels (2 renogy 100w) but does not charge! WTF? Any ideas?
(I like to use solar panels only and they are working fine with my ac200p )

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12 volt panels ?/parallel or series ?

12 volt panels in series , worked to charge the unit

The EB55 can only accept an open circuit voltage of 28v, your Renogy’s are probably over 40v in series. Switch to parallel and it should work.

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Eric thank you that solved my issue.


Good afternoon!!! My EB55 won’t charge from the power supply and solar panel. The battery is completely discharged and does not respond to buttons. When I connect the solar panel, a short circuit error, from the network 220, the charge is not

Hi @Yevhen , Do you mean you can’t charge from both the grid and solar panels? Is there an error reported on the screen? Also we would appreciated if you could send us a video or picture to see.

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From the network, the screen crumples, but charging does not go. Please tell me what to do?

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The photo is not loading, can you give me your email?

Photos and videos are not uploaded here, please write your email.

@Yevhen , Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Based on your EB55 problem, please send the relevant pictures/videos along with the description to our support department via service@bluettipower.com and I believe they will help you solve the problem more professionally.

Hello @Yevhen . I have a same problem with my EB55. Did you find a solution?

@BLUETTI hello. I have the same problem. My EB55 doesn’t want to charge from the electricity network. Could you please help me?

Hi @Artem1927 , Is your solar panel open circuit voltage in the EB55 range?
Have you tried switching to another solar panel and testing it again?
If the PV still can’t input any power, can you try the car charging to see if it can work properly?

Hello @BLUETTI .Honestly, I tried all options to charge it: the car charging, the solar panel, and from the electricity network. But it doesn’t work.

Hi @Artem1927 , If you confirm the above ways, the machine can not be charged properly, then the machine is defective. You need to contact the support department and provide the serial number of the machine for further solution.
Thanks for your kind cooperations.

Hello @BLUETTI. I sent an email to the support team. I am waiting on the reply.

I have same story with eb55.
Doesn’t charge from power supply.
But it do charges from 12v car adapter.

Really disappointed in the product.
First use and total fail.

@Artem1927 @Yevhen looks like we all have same failure out of the box.
Let’s chat about


Join my telegram group regarding it. Or leave me please any option how to contact you.

@Yevhen @Vadym Did you manage to fix this issue?