EB55 no charging from Honda EU10i DC output


I am trying to maximize the charge on my Bluetti EB55.
I tried the AC adapter + external 24v gel batteries (alligator clips/XT60) and it works fine = ~390W input.
Cigarette 12v car adapter (original) + AC works fine too.

But I have a Honda EU10i generator.
DC output is 8A rated.
Bluetti MPPT is 8A rated.
Bluetti works fine from AC output, 200W charging.
But when I try to connect DC to the MPPT port - it does not work.
Short video:

I checked the polarity - it’s correct.
I checked the voltage on the DC output of the generator = ~23-25V.

We need to charge the EB55 outdoors as quickly as possible, so I try to get at least 300W total input.

Any idea why it doesn’t work from the generator’s DC output?

Thank you.


  1. Please use the DC output port of the generator to load other equipment to see if it is normal, and also test the voltage.
  2. When the generator is charging, are both the AC and DC output ports of the generator loading equipment? If so, the output voltage will be lower.
  3. Double-check the polarity
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Do you have the ECO mode off?

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Good point. I tried yesterday with eco-mode ON.

So, I switched the eco-mode OFF, but the voltage goes higher, from ~25v to 35v (proof https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSnALubSUvs).
I am afraid to burn Bluetti with 35v. MPPT rated 12-28v.
Probably, should buy some DC-DC converter.

If you have the Honda generator, curious why you would not just use the AC outlet powering the 200 watt charging brick to top up the EB55 fast.

I had a small generator that was specific about how the DC was used, so I googled the model you mentioned and it does say to have ECO off when using DC, but it sounds like that does exceed the EB55 limits.
As Scott-Benson mentioned, you might just use the AC adapter since using DC at 25V * 8A = 200W, you probably won’t get much more than that, if at all, with a DC-DC converter.

Actually, looking at the specs again, if you do get a DC-DC converter AND use the AC adapter at the same time, you might get close to the max it can charge since the EB55 can charge from both AC+DC at the same time, up to a max of 400W.

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@rgb @Scott-Benson
Yes, I want to charge Bluetti in parallel, so 200W from generator AC, + at least 100W from generator DC (Honda DC output is 8A, exactly as EB55 MPPT input). Honda allows parallel operation of AC + DC outputs.
Reducing the time of charging even an extra 0.5-1h is important for us.

So, finally, I realized why the voltage was so high on idle with ECO mode OFF. It’s normal for Honda EU10i according to the service manual.
I hope the DC converter (like 8-40v to 13.8v) will resolve the issue.

Thanks all.

The issue was resolved. DC Converter 8-40 to 13.8 works fine. Charge + ~70W into MPPT input.
Together with AC Adapter, it’s about 260–270W. It’s not much but a good addition for emergencies.

Sorry for the sunlight, The Bluetti screen is not visible.

Another solution.

I have tested a Lenovo 170w, 20V laptop charger + a standard AC Adapter.
But it does not work stable with different EB55. On my first one, it works great +150W, a total of 350-360W.
On my second new EB55, it provides only 70-80W :(