EB55 charge via solar panels in series?

I was watching a utube EB55 review and guy said you can only use solar panels in parallel to charge the EB55. That took me by surprise. Anyone that has EB55 verify cant use solar panels in series to charge it? I find that very syrange if so, maybe someone can give me insight on the reason…

Hello roxie60,

EB55’s OCV is between 12 to 28. Solar panels in series easily exceed the maximum voltage 28. Generally speaking, people charge EB55 only with one solar panel or two in parallel.

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If you connect two panels in series, it will exceed the input voltage limit and your EB55 will likely no longer work. This has been verified in several situations. Pay close attention to the input limits on any sogen. When you conect in series, the voltage of each panel gets added to the others in the series. When you connect in parallel, the voltage stays the same but the amperage increases.


Got it. Being an AC200P owner I was not thinking my input expectations need to be lower for a smaller sogen. Makes sense.

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I’m trying to decide between EB55, EB70S or EB240. So many choices. Not to mention wanting a MAX+1.

@roxie60 I also really want that Max unit but am waiting to pull the trigger until after the holidays and funds replenish. Haha but I have the EB70 and the EB55 and must say… I absolutely love them both but I’ve noticed I’ve been reaching for my eb55 more for daily use then the EB70 due to the fact you can dual charge the EB55 with up to 400w! It charges back up SUPER fast if you have that extra battery charger. :metal:


I agree, the 55 is one of my favorites.


@m.briney @Scott-Benson thx for the feedback. My EB55 is on the way (it’s in KS). Suppose to be here tomorrow :heart_eyes:


Looks like I celebrated prematurely…as of now FedEx saying they can’t provide any info on my package. Last status said it was in Edmonton?, KS.

Ok it is in Edgerton, KS. Probably means will not b here today…bummer

Your last post 5 days ago mentioned FedEx. Please tell me you got it!

@Brogers0724 I did get my EB55. I believe Tuesday. It sure traveled a lot of places on its way. Very happy so far. Thx for asking.

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Awesome! I ask because I know how FedEx can be :joy::joy: enjoy it!

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EB70S has solar input of 12-28V with max 200W. Does anyone know what is the max current it can take when solar charging?

8 amps of current max

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When charging with solar panels,the max input current is 8A.

Humm… that would make getting the 200w max for solar charging basically impossible. The max Voc is 28V, and max current is 8. Max is 224w, but in reality that is unrealistic. You can use a panel with Voc of say 27v (due to cold temp buffer), and it will have Vmp of around 23V. At 8A max current you will get 184W under perfect conditions. Realistic max would be around 140W on a good day.

Now, 140W solar is totally acceptable for a 700wh battery as it will fill in one day, but the 200w max solar is a little misleading.

This is in contrast to say the 900w max of the AC200max, where it allows 150v and 15A. There is actually a lot more buffer to enable someone to hit the max rate.

The power brick which can connect with EB70S is 200W, so we say 200 is the maximum. The exact wattages will be different according to the surroundings.

The actual real world 'observed" maximum is 160 to 165 watts. I do wish the max input amperage was 12 amps which would solve all those "why can’t I get 200 watts of charging input even though I have overpanelled with 20,000 watts of solar panels.