EB55 but no Solar Panel

Hi Bluetti,

Tried to reach you via email but no response :pensive:

My order ref is - SPF-EU-3481 and have not received the Solar Panel as part of the order. Can you confirm when it will be shipped???


Most solar panels are shipped separately from the main unit shipment. The system only allows one tracking number per order. Be patient, your panel will arrive.

Hi @Sheldon,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
I’m sorry that our SP120 is out of stock. Do you mind changing it into SP200 if we offer you a coupon?

Yes, that would be ok, but would I receive it by the 13th April as i am going on a fishing trip?

Yes, you’ll get it before April 13. Thank you for your support.

Hello, you have sent me an Invoice for the SP200 but i do not want to pay anymore. I have also received an email from Niya that ALL solar panels are out of stock.

Please confirm!


Hi Sheldon,

No, not all. SP120 is out of stock, but SP200 is available now.

Like I say, i cannot pay anymore so when will the SP120 be in stock? I think it should have be clear on ordering/payment that the panel would be in a later delivery. If i cannot get a solar panel before 13th April, I would like a re-fund of the 359 euros.

Many Thanks,

SP120 will be in stock in early April. You should get it before the 13th April. If not, just let me know.

Thanks and will do!

@BLUETTI Hello! Could you give me a clear indication in delivery of the SP120? Thanks.

SP120 will be in stock in early April. You should get it before the 13th April

Hi @Sheldon,

Glad to e-meet you again.
We are dealing with solar panels now and will send it to you soon. Thank you for waiting.

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