EB55 AC Short Circuit Problem

Hello Community hope to find some help here.

Yesterday my light that worked for the last 2 month connected to the AC turned of suddenly and the Display on my EB55 showed “SHORT” on the display. I unplugged the light and throw it out.
Then I’ve tried to tun on the AC Output again to charge my DJI drone but the AC keeps showing the SHORT problem.

What can I do? Is there a way to restart / reset the EB55 completely, is the AC part of my battery dead now? Is the a fuse I can change on my own?

The unit is 1 month old it would be sad to not have AC anymore. :frowning:

Any ideas what I can do ?

Read the fing manual doesn’t work in this chase because there is not a lot of information there.

Thanks guys

Try holding down the AC power button for 5 full seconds until you are absolutely sure the main power has shut down. Then…try a re-start and see if that solves the issue. If not, try to charge the EB55 for a few minutes and see if it accepts a charge. If those two things do nothing, I would contact Bluetti Service.

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