EB55 ac charger input getting hot

We’ve been running an Eb55 for a little under a year to power a small fridge and charge devices etc off grid. It’s fed by a richsolar 200w panel that right now keeps up with demand from 9am-6pm. We usually need to run a generator about an hour a day to top it up to keep the fridge cool overnight or on cloudy days of course.

The AC adapter charger started getting hot around the jack a few months ago and if it wasnt in just the right position or if you bumped the cord it would stop charging. That got progressively worse till it wasn’t working at all. I wasn’t surprised as with it getting hot I figured some connection was probably melting together. I assume there is something wrong with the amount of power coming through it, but I contacted Bluetti and they sent me a new new charger altogether. Now a few months later, it’s getting hot again around the jacket.

Has anyone else dealt with this? Do I need to check my power supply etc? I have done basic house wiring, electrical etc, but am not sure what I need to be looking for in this case. Context: We usually have the adapter plugged into our camper 120v outlet, which is running on a 30a generator. I’ve also tried running it straight from the generator 120v outlet. When charging from AC the fridge is usually plugged straight into generator so the EB usually doesn’t have output at that time.


Hi @77erich ,

i have a EB55 too but with a 230V AC Charger. The Charging Cable itself and the Port (around the Port too) on EB55 is getting more than “hand warm” hot. This was always the case for me and but didnt have any Problem with it so far.

I think its a normal behavior for this model.

It sounds like the socket on the 55 itself is loose and causing resistance which in turns causes the heat. Other than replacing the socket your charger plugs into, not sure what else to do.

Thanks, that’s interesting to hear that this may be a common issue.

Hmm yep that’s been my main concern. I guess I may be reaching out to them again

This was my first conclusion as well. But i have many bluettis with the same DC Plug and they didnt get this warm. I already check if its fit well.

When i charge via Solar i didnt notice any warm up in this area.