EB50 when run all day gets extremely hot. Is this normal?

I run a 90 watt freezer all day on my 1500w bluetti. It gets extremely hot. My freezer stays hot as well and never stops running. I tested this in my house and freezer shut off constantly. Now with 100 degree weather it stays hot and so does generator. Is there a reason. Will solar be damaged.

If you are referring to the EB150 then if you are operating the fridge in a hot environment then yes it will run much longer or contineously and the EB150 will run warmer since the environment is hotter, the load demand is contineous and you are charging at the same time which generates heat as well.

Not sure how you are gauging your freezer stays “hot” but anything running in a hot environment will run hotter and be hotter than the environment they are running in. If they are in a closed vehicle in 100 degree heat, you will not have good success with freezing or the EB150 staying cool because it is working hard.

You are correct. I have ordered a dc fridge. Not what I want. Use lots of ice. Thank you Scott.