EB3a Won't turn on with App/Bluetooth

My EB3a works well with the Bluetti App on my iPhone except it won’t turn it on. I can control all other functions and turn it off–just not on–even when next to the unit. I need to be able to turn the EB3a on with the app.
I get error: “Searching (unit name)” and “Searching for your BLUETTI device via Bluetooth. Make sure the device is powered on with Bluetooth enabled…”. I try the blue “Re-connect” button. Nothing. Is there a secret Bluetooth setting on the EB3a? Is this EB defective?Any help is appreciated.

After you turn the EB3a off, it is off and unable to respond to settings or changes. You have to press the on button of the unit itself to turn back on. The app only turns the unit off.

Thanks, Scott. Do all the Bluettis require manually turning them on at the unit first? --S.

Yes they all require the unit to be on before they can receive any commands. Otherwise they would be constantly drawing power and standby and if you turn them off for a couple months you would come back in the battery would be dead

Yes, Sir. Makes complete sense. Thank you.–S.