EB3a wont turn on using front panel buttons, only from the app, and wont charge from the grid

Last Saturday, July 9, 2023 was the first time I used the unit after fully charging it.

I used only the DC side with a USB port for a POS system during a craft show sale. At the end of the show it had about 97% charge showing. The next morning, I went to turn it on and it was dead. The AC or DC would not turn on, neither would the flashlight. Plugging in to the grid to charge, it would not charge. Plugged in a 100 watt solar panel and it started charging and showed 1% charge. Something discharged the battery overnight. It has been cloudy and rainy all week so difficult to get a charge. I finally got it to 30% charged before dark (it still would not charge on AC power). However, the next morning it had lost half its charge overnight, down to 16%. I charged it back up and got to 35% before I lost sunlight. I opened the app on my Samsung phone and found I could turn on the flashlight with the app as well as both AC and DC power. However, I cannot turn on the power (either AC or DC) from the buttons on the front panel and it still will not charge with the AC power cord (I had the grid connected while PV charging at the same time). The front panel only lights up when plugged into a solar panel, even if it is not charging. Disconnect the solar panel and the front panel goes off. Also, when charging with just the solar panel, UPS flashes on the screen. then it discharged overntwo nights to 1% again. Charged it up to 100% with PV but the front buttons still will not turn the unit on. Also, when I try to turn it off in the app I get this message: Disconnect from the grid (or PV cable) and waitabout 10s and try again. This is with the cables already disconnected. I also found that when I press the flachlight on button, the screen changes from showing the charge state to the following: 2317 00 with 86 5 underneath) 1244. Do not know what this means. ANy help to get this back in working order would be appreciated.


  1. Please do a full cycle to correct the SOC. When you do the full cycle of charge and discharge, please ignore the SOC. Please completely drain the battery until it automatically shuts down, and then charge it with PV until it is fully charged and automatically shuts down.
  2. Could you please provide me with the SN and the firmware version of the EB3A?

Thank you for your response. I had tried the drain and recharge previously but had not ignored the SOC, so the unit had not shut down. Am doing a new drain and recharge today (if the sun holds) until the unit shuts down… My unit info is
SN: EB3A2317001244865, ARM V 2062.03, DSP: V 2056.12

@TimH Thanks for your update. For another problem, can’t turn on the power (either AC or DC) from the buttons on the front panel. Maybe the front panel needs to be replaced. Please contact the after-sale support.

As requested, did a complete drain until the unit shut down, then charged it with PV. At 100% the control panel shoed no charging, but the unit did not shut down until after dark when the PV no longer received light. As long as the PV is plugged in, the unit is on and I can controll it from the App on my Saamsung phone. However, I cannot turn it off from the app. The on/off button in the app is red and when I click it I get the following message: " Disconnect the PV cable, wait 10s and try again. Whenb I disconnect the PV and wait 10s, I get the following message when trying to turn it off: Please abort grid input and try powering off. However, it is not connected to the grid. it then powers off and the front panel buttons wont turn on the unit. Also, when on and I press the flashlight on button briefly, the fron panel changes from showing SOC to the following:
2317 00 1244
86 5

@TimH The reported message is abnormal. Also, we suspect that the DC button may be stuck, please contact after-sales service for repair.