EB3A won't charge on AC input and shows "Overload"

My EB3A won’t charge anymore when plugging into a wall outlet and shows “Overload” error. I’ve used it maybe three times total. Anything that I can do to fix or do I need to submit a warranty claim?

@ty_daddy Could you please send me the firmware version of the EB3A so I can check if there is a software update for you?

@ty_daddy We have sent you a software update, please try to update it to check if the problem can be solved.

I have checked the app under “Firmware update” and there is nothing to update. If I’m not looking at the right place, can you tell me how to update the software?

It is still showing “Overload” when charging.

Here is the firmware tab

@ty_daddy We sent it once again. Please check it.

I updated, but it does not seem to help.

@ty_daddy I’m sorry for the problem. If it still can’t work, please contact the support and ask for the repair.