EB3A won't charge but showing 100%

Hi I am aware of this problem has been mentioned in the forum but never got a good solution yet. My unit had been used for a few months and discharged to very low level for one time, and then this issue started. It was showing 99% for a while but won’t charge for too long then it died. Soon it shows 100% all the time when it is being charged, but it won’t charge anything.

I am not sure if anything happened to the lithium batteries, or just a firmware issue. The current versions are ARM v2062.02 and DSP v2056.10.

I wish a serious solution or answer can be provided by Bluetti for this issue.

What does the state of charge % indicator show when you are not charging?

@jeffgou I suggest that you can do a full cycle of charge and discharge to correct the SOC. Also, it is normal that EB3A will stop charging when it is fully charged.

When not charging, it could show 90%+ indicator. But after using it for a very short time to charge other devices, it could turn off and died directly with indicator never being below 90%.

Yes I did numerous time already but none of them worked. It always shows 90%+ full but will die whenever the indicator goes below 90% or so. I am wondering if this is due to a calibration issue of BMS or battery problem. BTW, with its tiny amount of electricity in it, it can only charge smartphone, and even cannot make its own flash light on.

@jeffgou When you do the full cycle of charge and discharge, please ignore the SOC. Please completely drain the battery until it automatically shuts down, and then charge it with AC until it is fully charged and automatically shuts down. If this doesn’t work, the EB3A needs to be repaired.

It cannot be discharged unless I opened the box and took the battery out and slowly discharge it through a power inverter. Now I am trying to charge it using AC but it doesn’t work as the system goes into directly UPS mode.

Now I am using solar power slowly to charge it, but it shows no power going into the system on the display screen. However I do see there is about 3w going into the system through bluetooth connected app. I might be using these way to continue for 24 hours and see if it can come alive. Am I doing the right way?

To continue my response above, there is an error message in my app with code A038: Overall Battery Undervoltage Protection. i am not how to cope with it. Please advise.


Did you use EB3A to carry a heavy load in a low-temperature environment?

Yes, you can test if it works.

Thanks for the response.
For the Error message A038, I’ve never carried a heavy load in a low T environment. All I did is that I dissembled the box and took out the battery cluster itself. And did discharging through a grid-tie inverter, so the electricity could be discharged in this way.

For the 24 hours operation, it turns out not working. I guess it is due to the error A038 is always there. Can you advise if there are any other options I can do?

@jeffgou If the battery cycle can’t solve the problem, please contact the after-sale service for repair.

If you removed the battery cluster from the unit it sure sounds like you did something during disassembly that damaged the unit. This does not sound like a mfg. defect or warranty issue anymore than if I disassembled my vehicle engine to use the connecting rods for pancake batter stirring devices and then after putting it back together I get a check engine light.