EB3A with generic Solar Panel

Hi guys,

I understand that the EB3As MPPT operates from 12-28VDC and can accept a max of 8.5A.
I am trying to pair a solar panel to charge the EB3A during the day via the MPPT input.

At what voltage (12/18/24VDC) or current does the EB3A switch from 100W to 200W charging on the MPPT?

The problem comes trying to find a solar panel the MPPT input. Open Circuit voltages for 200 panels are higher than 28VDC. I have the following choices available:

  1. 2 x 12VDC 100W panels in series to get 24VDC - I am aware that the EB3A will charge at 200W with 24V batteries.
  2. 1 x 18VDC 200W panel - I am unsure if the EB3A will charge at 200W on this.

Alternatively, is there an easy way to step down a high power panel (200w) to 28VDC for the MPPT?

The EB3A MPPT has 3 restrictions:
200W max, 28V max, 8A max

So in order to get 200W, you will need around 24-25V at 8A.

There isn’t any special step in the voltage. The max power at any voltage will come at around 8A. So if you give it 12V, max power is around 100W. 20V will give 160W and 24v will max out around 200W

For max solar power, try to find a solar panel with Voc around 26V (no higher than 28v).

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I’m looking for budget portable solar panels for the eb3a…any sugges

Im looking for budget portable solar panels for the eb3a…any suggestions?

@Blinkster Thank you for your inquiry regarding pairing a solar panel with your EB3A. Our technical team has provided some helpful information and suggestions.

Firstly, we recommend purchasing a PV200 solar panel as it has an open-circuit voltage of 26.1V, which is below the required voltage of 28V for the EB3A. This panel can provide up to 200W of charging power to your EB3A.

Alternatively, you can use your first option of connecting 2 x 12VDC 100W panels in series to get 24VDC. This will enable the EB3A to charge at 200W with 24V batteries. Your second option of using a single 18VDC 200W panel is also possible but the charging power will be limited to a maximum of 153W (18V * 8.5A). Unfortunately, there is no simple way to step down a high-powered 200W panel to 28VDC for the MPPT.

We hope that this information is helpful. For more details on our products, please visit our website at https://www.bluettipower.com/.

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Thank you Admin,

I plan to go the 2 x 12V Solar route in the interim.
I am looking at future proofing as well with 24V batteries for storage and a Victron Blue Solar MPPT charge controller. Can you advise on the below proposal?

Solar panels > Victron Blue Solar MPPT Charge Controller (24VDC batteries) with the DC load output going straight to the EB3A MPPT.
From what I understand the load output will be 24VDC, 10A and the EB3A will limit the input current to 8.5A. I will achieve 200W charging this way.

@Blinkster Thank you for your update. Your proposal sounds feasible. But the only thing to be aware of is that this type of setup requires the customer to DIY the wiring and be very careful to ensure the correct positive and negative connections.

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One of the great things about Bluetti devices is that they accepts standard solar connections. Unlike some other brands which have a special connector pressuring you to use their own overpriced panels.