EB3A wireless charging won’t stay on

Wireless charging works briefly when I first place my iPhone on the top of the unit, but won’t stay on long enough to actually charge my phone.

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@PappaBear Did you remove the case of the phone and make sure you have placed the phone right in the middle of the wireless charging pad?

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I’m not using a case, and the phone is placed in the correct position.

As I said, it starts charging fine when initial contact is made. It just won’t keep charging.

@PappaBear Because of the iPhone IOS system mechanism, EB3A might not work well with iPhone by wireless charging.

This is not what your company advertises.


iPhone is the most popular phone in the world. “iPhone iOS wireless charging mechanism” works fine with every other charger I’ve tried. This seems like a BLUETTI problem. What’s your plan to fix it?

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Sounds like a bunch of random tech words stringed together to make this a “your problem”

The OS has nothing to do with the QI standard. it can charge while its powered off and the OS is not booted.

I assume your QI charger unit is just broken. and there is nothing Bluetti can do about it remotely.
Because the QI module only gets power from the rest of the unit and no data connection.

Lets see if they say they try to fix it by firmware.

I would say live with it ( maybe they give you a discount) or send it back.

I have exactly the same issue with ours and it’s really frustrating; one of the main reasons we purchased one in the first place. I’ve seen people reviewing them on YouTube etc and it works fine? Don’t understand why it works for like 10 seconds then stops?