EB3A Wireless Charging with Samsung phone

My Samsung Galaxy S10 supports fast wireless charging. No problems with any Qi chargers up to now.
However, with EB3A it starts charging (up to 9W) and after a few seconds it stops (0W). Always reproducible.
Now I detected, when I disable fast wireless charging on the phone then charging works with EB3A (about 4W).
So, looks like EB3A has some problems with Samsung fast wireless charging.
Can it be solved via firmware update? Looks that I have latest firmware (230V version):
ARM: v2063.02
DSP: v2052.07

@mabti , We are very sorry, as the wireless charging module is a hardware issue, it cannot be resolved by updating the firmware. If you are sure that the wireless charging function is not working, please contact the support department for further processing.
Thank you again for your understanding and cooperation.