EB3A wireless charger

Just got my Bluetti EB3A and noticed that the wireless charger keeps disconnecting.

My IPhone 14 would start charging then disconnects a few minutes later…

Tried this with and without a case

Any ideas? Or do I just return and replace with a jackery

I just submitted a support ticket with a video. Let see what Bluetti has to say or offer.

I had the same issue with my Samsung S10 on my EB3A, AC60 and AC200Max but my Samsung S7 would charge just fine on all three. I don’t have an iPhone 14 to test with.

Remove any phone case and try adjusting the position of the phone. FWIW cable charging is more efficient and faster but the convenience of wireless charging is great when it works.

@bluetti_viscorpgmailcom Sorry to tell you that our power stations might not work well with iPhone by wireless charging because of iPhone IOS system mechanism. Thank you so much for your understanding.

That’s a shame. I wish you would of told all your YouTube reviewers this.

Just opened my Bluetti EB 3A and wanted to check wireless charring on my iPhone 13 mini. Not a positive experience at all. The wireless charging kept going down off. I wish Bluetti had notified potential customers before. Not a deal breaker for now but it definitely takes the shine off the Bluetti experience.

Thought i would test the waters with a small Prime day purchase - i might have to rethink any potential future bigger purchases with Bluetti such as the AC 180 unless Bluetti remedies this situation with a firmware update.

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