EB3A will not power up

Does anyone know if there is a way to wake up my eb3a.I originally charged it up to 100% to use it as a UPS when I found out it wouldnt work as a UPS I just set it aside.Tonight I needed 12 volts to check a new blue tooth cig dongle so I went to momentarilly press the 12v button and nothing happened.I tried to turn on the inverter and nothing happened.I tried to plug it into AC to see if it needs a charge and nothing.Someone posted a fix by plugging it into a solar panel and that seemed to wake it up but I dont have a solar panel does anyone have any ideas? I honestly have never used this thing I just put it away about 2 months ago turned off completely .

Doesn’t sound like it was turned off or had a charge when put away which allowed the battery level to drop below the point that the BMS would accept a charge. If you have a 12 volt car charge cable, I would try plugging into that for several hours to see if you can wake it up.

Hi @ed123

Sometimes dead Units come to life again when you plug them via DC Input like Scott mentioned or via AC Charger for several hours.

It may accept some voltages, but so little that you cant see it at first. If the Battery reaches a certain point, it may just work as before again.


@ed123 I suspect that the EB3A was over-discharged. You can try whether DC charging can activate the battery, or use AC+DC to charge EB3A.

Heres the latest on the new dead eb3a…I did the big “fau pas” thats french for "musn’t do"lol and took the thing apart unpluged the battery from the back of the display and measured the dc voltage to be a big fat zero! I dont know what the voltage of the battery should be but I suspect it might be a 24 volt battery.I got it to reach 22.8volt and the unit is working but the display thinks its at 100% I am shure it is not at 100% so the bms will not let it charge because the software thinks it’s fully charged (I’m just guessing here) does anyone know how to get this thing to realize the battery is low?I havent set any of these 7 I bought on an APP is there a setting on the app??

Hi @ed123,
normally, when the SoC isn’t correct, you can calibrate the unit by discharge it (until all outputs are shut-off) and recharge it at a constant rate via AC Outlet. Discharge it with a constant rate too. You should do this 2 times, so two full cycles. After that, most of the SoC related issues are gone.


Thanks Erik it’s down to 95% with a 15 watt load.A quick question,at what percentage will the charging occur?? I have 2 on the bench right now and a presumed good one is at 96% but will not charge.Not that I want to charge it from 96to 100% just wondering at what % does it kick in.

Than ks


When the unit reaches 99% or 98%, you can recharge it. But when the SoC isnt calibrated, 99% arent real 99%.

So be sure to calibrate it!

Just went dead from 88% to 0… initially would only take power from the cig cable but at 13% I undid the cig cable and plugged it in the AC and after about 30 seconds of anxiety it made a clicking sound and now it’s taking power from AC at 100 watts.
Thank you so much for walking me through this I had fears of shipping it out and haveing to pay these rediculas shipping charges,I sent a small 13lb. ham radio back to yaesu in Calif. And UPS ground was $84.00 the eb3a is biiger.Cheaper to throw it away brand new.

BTW I ordered a AC180 refurb from ebay for half off list Saturday.I think that one will make a better UPS for what I want.Ive been trying to sell these 7 eb3a to hams since they were not suitable as UPS’s because of the 600 watt limitation on the main AC power.