EB3A will not charge using AC power cord

I purchased the EB3A a month ago. It was fully charged and today when my power went out, I found the EB3A had no battery power.

Once the power came back on, I plugged in the AC power cord and it charged up to 10% and stopped charging.

Can anyone assist me with this issue?

Hi @dianna216 , Did you charge it with the adapter and then stop?
If so, please try solar charging or car charging. If both of the above are charging properly, then there is a problem with the charging cable or adapter, please contact support for further processing (replace the adapter or AC charging cable)

I sounds like your EB3a may have been put away with the power not being off but the screen just being in standby which will drain the battery while in storage. Try draining the 10% left in the unit by powering up a device until empty and try re-charging again via AC. If that fails, see if it will accept a charge from your car cig socket and if not I would say time for a replacement.

Hi Scott,

I attempted to drain it to 0 overnight but at some point, it charged up to 7%.

I will drain it without it being plugged in.

My device did not come with the car adapter. Do you by chance sell them? or can I order them through Amazon?

I will let you know what happens tomorrow.

Thank you so much for getting back to me.


Amazon sells the Bluetti car charging cable for $9.90 Amazon.com

All portable power stations will drain if left on even though no load is attached. Just powering up the unit consumes power and if left on in this state the battery will drain. Just because the display screen is blank this does not indicate the power is turned off. The EB3a screen automatically turns off (but the main unit is still on in standby consuming power) after approx. 30 seconds to needlessly attempt to conserve power. This feature should be adjustable but unfortunately Bluetti does not seem to understand the issues the short screen timeout causes and is unwilling to change even though it could be addressed and added to the EB3A with a firmware update. To fully turn the EB3A off you must hold one of the operation buttons down for a long press of approx. 5 seconds. To understand if your unit has an issue or not, we must first determine if you are fully turning the EB3A off or inadvertently leaving the unit in standby with no display on which will drain the battery.

Thank you for the link. I downloaded the latest firmware and was able to get the power pack to fully charge to 100%. I used the app to turn it off. Yesterday I had a power outage from 830am until 3pm! My Bluetti performed awesome. It kept my laptop and monitor and desk light on this entire time allowing me to complete my tasks for my job’. I am thrilled with its performance!! Way to go Bluetti!!!

Glad to see you up and running. It is a great little unit for the price and size.