EB3A: UPS use 24/7?

Hello everyone!

I’m using my EB3A as a UPS for my computer. When the computer is turned off, it consumes about 25W (speakers, monitor, etc.). I plan on not turning off the AC Output Port after my computer shuts down. In other words, I intend to have the EB3A running 24/7. How safe is this for the battery? Should I turn off the AC Output Port along with the computer using the AC button? Thank you, any advice is appreciated!

The EB3A get real hot and consumes a lot of energy if connected 24/7.
I wound not suggest it.


Thank you for your answer! How long can the EB3A run in UPS mode without interruption?

Sometimes… for some user withe some firmware… (for others not)

You can have a look in the Firmware change log.
Oh wait Bluetti is not providing any change log of firmware versions…

So you have to try it yourself.

If its not working you have to use an app that sends your data to chain and they don’t specify what data.
But maybe you can do firmware update with this app that may or may not fix your problem.

If all fails and its still not working after some updates you can send back your unit and get back 20% of you initial investment.

Okay. My UPS works fine, but once or twice a day PC restart. Could this be a firmware issue? And another question, can the EB3A stand, always connected to the network without output voltage? Or it’s better to put it in a corner and recharge it from time to time? Thank you!

that’s the opposite of working fine since the USV is ther to avoid exactly this.