EB3A UPS + update questions

My iOS app (version 2.0.3) is logged in + bound to my EB3A device.

  1. In UPS mode it shows about 100W going through but the AC icon is yellow. Is this normal? It seems to be working fine.
  2. Firmware upgrade screen shows device has ARM v2057.11 & DSP v205.10 versions. Does this need to be upgraded? I understand the current versions are different but I don’t see a way to upgrade. The app is the very latest (released 5days ago). I redownloaded only a couple days back and rebound the device to it.
  3. Can the firmware version be updated while the device is in use or do I need to disconnect all load?


Yellow AC icon on the app is normal, that just means AC output is activated. It isn’t a red-yellow-green status indicator.

If the devices has an eligible update, it should show you on the app. If there isn’t, then you have the latest broadly released firmware. Bluetti sometime will send specific units special builds to address certain issues, but they are only for those units.

You can have loads connected while updating firmware, but power may cut out while updating. I would recommend disconnecting input / output, and turning off both AC and DC before updating.

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