EB3A UPS Mode post battery depleation

When using the EB3A as a UPS, if the device depletes its battery and AC Power is restored the AC passthrough for UPS mode does not automatically re-engage. You have to manually press the AC button, or use the app to restore power to the AC ports. Is there a configuration to automatically enable the AC outputs, post AC power restoral?


No, but that is the normal function of most UPS. If it turn on automatically, when the battery is at what recharge level, 10%, 50%, or wait until 100%?

Some UPSs actually do function this way, I am asking if there is a possible configuration to allow the EB3A to do the same. Imagine a situation with an extended power outage (or any outage beyond the EB3A’s capacity) at a remote location. Power restores - the EB3A will charge, but all devices supported by its ups function will remain with no power until there is physical intervention. If there is no known configuration - I would ask that that capability be added as it should be a simple change to the firmware (as the software does allow the AC to be turned on and off).

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I have the same problem in my @BLUETTI_CARE EB3A.
All the UPS in IT is working that after the grid comes back on, the AC outlets are turning back on automatically, even if the batteries are depleated.

Also with only solar charging it would be nice if the AC would turn back on after reaching let’s say 80% charge, or less, so the devices plugged in on the remote location would start up and continue to send data, like my rpi running flightradar24 with DVBT antenna through an LTE modem. Btw, the total power consumption of this setup is 15W on the EB3A display :slightly_smiling_face:.

I wrote to the bluetti regarding this AC auto turn back on. I paste the Q&A:



I would like to use my EB3A for continuous use. But after it discharges and next day starts to charge with solar, the AC outlet is not turning back on automatically.

Is it possible please, to enable this feature for me, that if the battery is charged to 80%, then the AC outlet inverter turns on automatically?

Thank you."


"Dear customer,

We are deeply sorry for this.

We are sorry to say that the AC output can not turn on automatically.
You can press the button or control via the APP.

The UPS Mode will be enabled when the AC input and output turn on simultaneously.

Have a nice day."

Me (trying hard :sweat_smile:):


Thank you for your answer.

Can you make a firmware update, that includes this function for me please?"


"Dear customer,

Thanks for contacting us.

Sorry to say that we don’t have that function at the moment.
We will forward your advice to the technical department.

Thanks for your advice."

That was it :confused:.

Is there other products, like the EB55, or EB70, where the outlets turn automatically back on after the power is restored from the grid, or solar?


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Hi @bluetti_olivermiklosgmailcom

we had a similar topic to this what you mentioned (turn on AC automatically). The case from the other user was, when he unload the unit to a certain point, it should shut off the AC and when its charged again to a certain point the AC should go back online.

The official response from forum admins was, that it isnt allowed to build something like this in a powerstation. I dont own a EB70, but a EB55 and my AC never turned back on after it was empty. Cant imagine that this was somewhere the case



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@bluetti_olivermiklosgmailcom I’m sorry EB3A can’t achieve this: turn on AC automatically when the batteries are depleted. Because when it is out of battery, the EB3A shut off. When the grid comes back, it may be activated but the AC or DC will not be turned on automatically. You still need to operate it manually or turn on AC via the APP.

Hello @Selfmadestrom
Thank you for this info. Oh well. bit disappointing.
But let’s hope it will be allowed in the future :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer.
I am aware of the functions on the EB3A, but I was hoping, that from the firmware side this is manageable without any restrictions. But I see now.
Have a good one.

@bluetti_olivermiklosgmailcom Thanks for your feedback.

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