EB3a UPS issues . Firmware

UPS feature should be revised. Is there a way to speed up switchover from grid power to battery? I have seen 20ms reported for this unit and see my light flash with switchover. One time, my TCL tv didn’t recover from grid out requiring tv restart. My APC UPS has a switch over time of 6 to 10ms. Also, if I leave unit on grid with AC & DC off and no load plugged in, the unit will draw power every ~38 minutes

This pattern is continuous and heats the unit up enough to trigger the cooling fan. With an ambient room temp of 72⁰F (22⁰C) the top of the unit reaches 100⁰F (38⁰C). This is wasted electricity as it is not “topping off the batteries”. I removed the grid power and it took over 100 hours to go from 100% to 99%. Then Adding grid back, only a brief time to get back to 100%. This is weird behavior.
I hope the tech team will rethink and create better UPS functioning. Let us know that you are working on these issues and please give us an estimated time of firmware release. Thank! MaineBob

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For the first week I had my EB3A there were maybe 2-3 instances where the UPS switchover was not fast enough to keep my modem and router on. Fortunately, this has not happened for the past 3 weeks, maybe it required some sort of break-in period, I’m not sure. I doubt there’s a way to tweak or speed up this switchover time on your current unit but I’m sure this will be improved over time for their new products as hardware and software improves.

I observe this as well where with grid connected the battery SoC decreases to 99% every 35min with AC and DC off which then enables battery charging. If you turn on the display you should see this on yours as well. My theory is that the EB3A never draws power from grid to power it’s own internal circuits (excluding the AC inverter and DC converter) and instead uses its internal battery which makes sense because Grid input can come and go so the UPS switch and AC pass-through circuits must be powered by battery. Eventually, the internal circuits draw enough power over time from the battery that it needs to be topped up which generates heat and turns the fans on. We can calculate approximately how much power is used by just the EB3A running with AC and DC off:
1% of 268Wh is 2.68Wh consumed every 35 minutes. Using the rule of three we can calculate the power consumption: 2.68Wh* (60min/35min) = 4.6W.

It is topping off the battery as you can see the battery charge go from 99% to 100%.

Hi @MaineBob ,
We are very sorry, our power stations with UPS function are back-up UPS and there will be a 20ms switching time. It is not recommended to carry precision instruments and medical equipment. If you want 0ms switching, you can use offline mode without AC.

I can’t call this Bluetti EB3A as having a true UPS function. Say I have a small refrigerator and the grid power goes out. The Bluetti runs for say 2 hours until the battery is exhausted. When the grid power comes back, the Bluetti does NOT power the fridge until AC is switched on again manually on the EB3A. This is therefore an “Interruptable” power supply and is not true of other UPS devices I have used. This feature could be easily programmed into the EB3A in Firmware… Perhaps a switch in the app to Turn on a True UPS function that would turn on AC when grid power comes back. (Not tested with DC but should be true here too.) Thanks!

BXM6306, This part was missed in your reply:

I have not seen the power level go to 99% at the above-mentioned 37-minute intervals. The unit should be programmed (firmware) to trickle charge when it reaches say 98%, not the full recharge level. I imagine it would be better for the longevity of the batteries.


You probably will see this if you have it constantly plugged into the Grid with AC and DC off.

I haven’t done a long-term discharge test on my EB3A to see how long it takes for the unit to self-discharge 1% with the power station completely off and Grid disconnected.